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At The Heart That Smiles Mobile Dentists, Inc., we safeguard the oral health of communities. As dental professionals on wheels, we strive to extend our services to all children, ensuring they receive the care they deserve. We journey to deliver top-notch dental care to children, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. Equipped with expertise, mobile equipment, and an unwavering passion, you’re in loving hands with us!

Who We Are

The Heart That Smiles Mobile Dentists Program is a family of highly trained dentists and staff that are committed to excellence in oral health and provide dental services to patients in non-traditional settings. Using portable equipment, THTS mobile dentists provides high quality dental services in schools, other childcare facilities or Head Start Programs.

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Dental disease has devastating consequences including pain, missed time from school, expensive emergency room visits, trouble speaking and eating, self-esteem issues, and in the most severe of cases even death. Contact us today so we can discuss how to partner together to provide quality dental care for each and every child. 708-808-4950

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Who We Treat

All children are eligible, from 0 through high school. All children can receive care when a consent form has been filled out. Our new electronic form makes the process even easier.

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We carefully protect all medical information by complying with all HIPPA regulation.

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Program Essentials:

  • Our program is FREE to your school and available to ALL children.
  • We print and distribute permission slips to ALL children.
  • All children receive a dental exam. Children who are eligible receive a prophy treatment, fluoride varnish and sealants (as needed).
  • Our staff completes a state dental exam form for all children and leaves it with the nurse or secretary at the end of the day.
  • All children are given a form to take home explaining what services were completed, including recommendations for further care (as needed).
  • All children receive a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Provide referrals with financial assistance if needed.

Our Commitment Our Mission Statement

There are many, for various reasons that cannot access a traditional dental office. Lack of transportation, lack of child care, lack of time off for the working parent, lack of local dentists accepting Medicaid, and limited traditional dental office hours are among the multitude of reasons that make mobile dentistry so easy and convenient. We strive to enhance accessibility and convenience in dental care by bringing our services directly to childcare facilities, schools, and locally-organized gatherings. Our goal is to provide tailored dental care to children and young adults in the most convenient settings possible.

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